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Introduction to
Posted by Inditrade Team on Oct 23, 2013


Net.Net™ is a web enabled user-friendly user interface for trading across equities, F&O, commodities and currency markets using standard browsers. Net.Net™ has lot of functionalities including rich user interface with easy to use functionalities and advanced features. Net.Net™will provide real time access to online market information like Security/Contract info, Best Five, Top Gainers Losers etc. Orders through Net.Net™ shall be routed directly to the stock exchanges after necessary order and RMS validations.

Net.Net™ is available in two modes, Lite which is refresh based and Streaming which provides streaming quotes.

Key Features   

  • User-friendly work environment

  • Ease of Trading

  • Login with enhanced authentication

  • Get a new password instantly through Email or SMS as per the mode defined by the member   

  • Placing of buy/sell orders directly to the Exchange is supported from within the Market Watch

  • Facility to create highly parameterized and customizable transaction pages

  • Online Alert Messages for Client activities

  • Profile creation

  • Utilizes highest levels of encryption standards

  • Open Architecture that facilitates interfaces with multiple third party systems

  • new1.gifReal time Charting facility

  • Availability of shortcut keys for most common functions

  • Display of Exchange Status in the status bar

  • Display of Indices - Sensex and Nifty - on real-time basis

  • Display of Market Watch, Order Entry, Best Five and many more screens on logon

  • Display of messages and confirmations in Online Message Area

  • Tool tips to indicate the functionalities

  • new1.gifAuto-Lock feature for your workstation to prevent unauthorized access

  • new1.gifAvailability of right click options at different levels in Market Watch to access scrip/contract related functionalities


Trading Features

Net.Net™ allows a broker's customer to perform several functions over the Internet including:  

  • Market Watch - View real-time online market information

  • Order Entry - Place buy as well as sell orders across all market segments for a combination of order types and product types

  • Order Book - View complete details of the orders placed by the client

  • Trade Book - View details of the orders executed at the exchange along with the execution details such as traded quantity and traded price

  • Net Position - Track net position either contract or security wise

  • Funds View - View details pertaining to funds available and funds utilized by the client

  • Stock View - View stock position of client holdings with various entities like DP and Broker

  • Market Movement - Updates of market movement on hourly basis during a trading session

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